Felesh Advertising Agency

Flesh has started its work as a full service advertising agency in 1382 in various fields of advertising such as strategy and branding, marketing, campaign design, buying and selling media, innovation and ideas, production, printing and etc.

From our perspective, customer satisfaction and success, guarantees our success, development and hence, we commit ourselves to their success in today’s competitive business environment. Felesh group specialized activities are organized in the form of specialized departments that each are managed by experienced and skilled managers that their goal is definitely providing integrated, distinct, efficient and effective services to customers. We have the specialty to fulfill our customer’s expectations with high quality, possessing extensive capabilities and facilities in various fields of advertising.

Our mission

Providing innovative, distinct and effective services and solutions in different advertising fields boost your business.
From Luxury goods to daily costumer`s good, governmental organizations, banks and insurance, car companies, food industry, firms and construction projects, companies supplying customer goods, and service oriented companies and etc.


Strategy & Campaign Planning

The best creative tactics should be proposed in order to convey your messages and achieve the campaign objectives. Felesh ad agency creates the advertising concepts and a variety of ATL and BTL advertising options, e.g. billboards, TV, internet ,events or presentations, handouts, website, collateral (posters, stickers, and brochures).
We recommend strategy of media activity for your campaign. Working from your brief the planning process involves analyzing the audience objectives and balancing the reach, frequency and costs of media options to deliver a detailed media plan that maximizes advertising exposure and impact. Planning should demonstrate a coordinated approach to different media and illustrate the thinking behind the proposed approach.


Branding is a marketing strategy that involves creating a differentiated name and image -- often using a logo and/or tag line -- in order to establish a presence in the consumer’s mind and attract and keep customers. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.
Felesh Ad Agency identifies your business, recognizes your customers and offers the effective brand strategy which gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Our branding team makes researches about your brand. The team believes that a strong brand is reflected not just in a logo but in everything from the customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to the marketing materials and advertising.


Creative Design

Whether you’re trying to sell a product, shift the perception of your brand or deliver a message, great design will help you accomplish your goal.
Felesh Ad Agency, equipped with experienced, talented professional graphic designers, understand how design works and how to maximize design for your brand. We claim to be creative enough to break through the targets mind-set, to make consumers think about the product or brand. We believe that , The beautiful design captures the attention of audiences, improves the perceived value of product, allows you to demand a higher price, and increases sales.

Media Buying & Planning

The fundamental purpose of a media plan is to determine the best way to convey a message to the target audience. A media plan sets out a systematic process that synchronizes all contributing elements in order to achieve this specific goal. The media planning is needed to specify the target audience as a marketing objective, to increase sales by a specific amount.
Felesh Ad Agency, finds the most appropriate media platform to advertise your company or brand. We select the best and appropriate media platform for your brand to use. Our Media planners determine when, where and how often your message should be placed. The goal is to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message to generate the desired response and then stay within the designated budget.


TV Production

TV adverts are proven to have better response rates than any other format especially when you have the right TV ad produced and aim it at the right audience with clever, targeted media planning.
Felesh Ad agency develops new concepts, script, cast, shoot. We produces great ads for television, having the best directors. Although TV commercial production is often considered to be costly and tricky, with our experience, creativity and attention, producing your TV commercial will be a smooth process.

Digital & Online Advertising

Creative campaigns that use effective digital marketing reach mobile phones, SMS /MMS, banner ads, and digital outdoor advertising are wildly successful.
Felesh Ad Agency takes a strategic look at what digital media will effectively reach the widest audience. Our team of media specialists works with each of our clients to determine the right digital media mix for their campaign. Our team helps your business determine what is best for your company, one that matches your budget and your objectives. we assist you to build your businesses in this every changing world of technology, from extensive knowledge in pay-per-click to social media we help get your where you want to go.



Equipped with the latest inkjet technology, Felesh ad Agency uses the professional printing machines to offers the best quality in variety of media, exhibition material, outdoor and indoor.
Felesh ad agency values the newest technologies, has a professional staff, and is one of the leading printing houses in Iran. That’s why our ads always look inviting, fresh, and professional. We have the talent and equipment to deliver printed jobs in limitless shapes, thicknesses and feels. There are no limits to the size and materials. That goes for larger format prints.